ATS - Research Resources
A useful list of History of Astronomy, Research and Market Internet Resources.
History of Astronomy Resources
Danuta Bois's
Distinguished Women
of Past and Present
Astronomy - Biographical
Christof Plicht's
List of Available
Astronomical, and Related Biographies - Biographical
San Jose State
Virtual Museum
History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology - Biographical
U.S. Naval
Contributions of Women to the USNO - Biographical
The "Making of
America" project.
Introduction - U. Michigan Resources - Cornell Resources
The MoA project is one of scanning 19th-century newspapers, journals and books and is split between Cornell and U. Michigan. The two sites have *very different journals* on line that are searchable [i.e. you can enter search words like 'telescope' or 'comet', etc.]. Scientific American and Harpers Weekly are two of the many resources. [Thanks Trudy Bell]
Research Resources
Babel Fish
Language Translator - Translates web-pages or text from Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian into English, and vise versa.
Market Internet Resources
Astro-Mart Astro-Mart - Astronomy flea-market
eBay Antiques Scientific Equipment - On-line auction.
Timothy Hughes
Rare & Early Newspapers
Rare and Early Newspapers and Journals - Browse, or search by topic, early newspapers from 1600s. Includes Scientific American, Harper's Weekly, and many others.
Powell's Books
Used and
Out of Print
Astronomy - Rare Book Room
Astronomy - More recent