The Design Process

STEP 1: - What Does Your Business Do?

First we gather information about your business and define what your purpose and goals for the website are. We will determine who your target audience is and approximately when the project needs to be completed.

STEP 2: - Rough Framework

Next we will develop the basic structure of your website. From the information we gathered in Step 1, we will develop a basic site map and ascertain the overall functionality of how your site will perform.

STEP 3: - Basic Design Layout

We begin the design and construction phase of website development in Step 3. This is where we create the framework for the site, and then begin to fill in the design features specified building the site creating the look and feel of how the site will be put together. Once we have the basic framework established and the overall design, we will move on to the next step.

STEP 4: - Development

In the development step we will generate the actual functioning website. While the framework and basic design steps were necessary to ensure development was on the right path, the developmental stage is where the entire site comes to life. We put all of the graphics and links into place to produce an almost complete product.

STEP 5: - Test Phase

After the site has been developed, it is time to ensure that all of the features specified are working properly. We test links and perform a code check to make sure that everything on the site is in order before we upload the information. We will also refine any features that need to be smoothed out to produce a finished product.

STEP 6: - Launch

Only after all of the tests have been performed and the site is fully functioning will we upload the information to the server and allow the final product to be seen by the world. Any maintenance to the site or updates will be performed as needed including uploading new file information to Google in order to keep search engine optimization in tune.