Recent Projects

CenterFocus Experiences

CenterFocus is an outdoor adventure guiding company based in the Sedona, Arizona area. WEBari provided the redesign of an existing site that lacked visual flair and the ability to cross promote other tours that they offered. We also developed the social networking platform and online media program to keep their clients returning.

Services Provided - HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, SEO, Complete Social Networking Platform

CenterFocus Experiences

Summit Divers

Summit Divers is a Dive Shop and Watersports Retailer located in Flagstaff, AZ. WEBari provided a redesign of their existing site which had been set up using a frames style layout which was detrimental to searchability and was completely outdated. The owner still wanted a basic layout, however he also wanted the ability to upload trip photos and add dates to his online calendar.

Services Provided - HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, Google Applications

Summit Divers & Watersports

New Jersey Estates

New Jersey Estates is a real estate agent which specializes in selling luxury new homes, land, and commercial real estate. His existing website had been developed in a frames style layout which was hurting his searchability and also led to a very clustered website. The owner still wanted to have a particular format where he could cut and paste listings onto other media for promotional ability, however he wanted to increase his searchability and give his site a newer look with a drop down type menu.

Services Provided - HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO

NJ Estates